DOORS 4 copy  

Doors is a library of software applications properly designed to manage weighing, dosing, blending and conveying systems. The various control functions interact and exchange data with other plant industrial processing of raw materials .




Icona powerdos menu copy WB sfondo copy Suitable for load cells scales. Batch way dosing control. Possibility to manage more than one weigh scale simultaneously, handling recipes up to 24 ingredients.
 Icona powerdos DELTA copy  Sinottico LIW copy

Fit for dosing units installed on load cells. Continuous loss-in-weight throughput control.                                Multi dosing sysyems can be managed. Integrated functions of refilling, even through pneumatic conveying systems.

 Icona powerdos GRADUS copy  Sfondo sinottico nastro copy Designed for weigh belt or belt weighers. Continuous feed rate control. Multi-dosing systems and recipes are managed.


Already available on the following platforms:

- Siemens

- Allen Bradley

- Syel

- Mitsubishi

- B&R   

Integration with MySQL database 



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