HONESTY, TRANSPARENCY and LOYALTY are the principles on which we want to base and to do our work every day . We consider very important to respect them , the products we produce show this and we want to carry on and share these principles also with our Customers, with our Suppliers and with our Partners.





We work in the bulk raw materials handling since 1985. Our real heritage is the expertise gained in over 25 years of experience. We dedicate most of our daily commitment in updating our products , to make them always more functional and easy to use applying the most modern technological solutions.  Thank to our Customers’ confidence and to our Partners’ we can do all this in order to achieve the shared goals with mutual satisfaction

 The expertise and experience enable us to design and manufacture things, but just the passion makes them truly useful and not only usable


The strength of the IDEAS

The reality of the SOLUTIONS

The trust in the EXPERIENCE

The rigour of the ENGINEERING

The innovation of STYLE